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About Player2Player

How Player2Player Began

A creative Lake Travis-area business owner noticed that high-school student athletes are so overwhelmed with the demands of their schedules–with school, practice and games–that they typically are unable to maintain regular employment. Jennifer Wright, the founder of Austin-based executive recruiting firm Becker Wright Consultants, decided to connect these job-seeking teenage student athletes with skill-seeking younger athletes, and Player2Player was launched.

Wright had her “a-ha” moment driving through her neighborhood when she noticed a high-school-aged boy instructing a younger boy on how to shoot a basketball. She thought, who better to help young kids learn sports than the older kids who already play them?

Player2Player is based on a simple concept but has a multitude of benefits. Its core idea is to provide parents with a network of high school- or college-aged private instructors at an affordable price, in a convenient location, and without sacrificing quality instruction. Still, the younger athletes aren’t the only ones improving their skills. Working one-on-one with a student is a proven means not only for advancing sports skills, but to help the coach develop strong skills in leadership, organization, and communication. “I want teenagers to be out in the world interacting with people, not stuck on a couch or behind a screen. I want them to see that it’s cool to be a leader,” said Wright.

Jennifer Wright

About Our Coaches

P2P Coaches Provide Structured Lessons

Coaches at Player2Player go through a strict screening process where they must prove not only their experience with one or more sports, but they also must demonstrate that they are reputable, responsible, self-motivated, and disciplined enough to provide quality, structured lessons for their athlete. Coaches provide all of equipment necessary for instruction and will come to the athlete’s home, or another designated location.

Player2Player is not a babysitting service or mentoring program, as each lesson between coach and athlete is focused and well-planned, with a written skills assessment provided at the end of each lesson.